Seeking good neighbors
With our DA approved, we’re ready to start the next steps for Shoreline Place! Explore our Leasing Page for more information on the new retail and restaurant spaces at Shoreline Place.
Thank you Shoreline!

We are grateful for the community support through the first stages of work with the City. Check out our Project History page to review the information we share with the City and community as we move forward with Shoreline Place!


We’re Merlone Geier Partners (MGP), pleased to meet you (but you may know us already). We own and operate retail properties in the Pacific Northwest and down the west coast—including the Shoreline Marketplace on 175th with the Trader Joe’s and the Town Center at Lake Forest Park. MGP is focused on meeting the needs of the current and future community in Shoreline, where there is strong demand for modern retail, better restaurants, and additional types of housing.

It’s time Shoreline had a special Place to call its own
We want to bring you along as we transform Aurora Square into Shoreline Place. Our goal is to create shopping and living experiences that meet the needs of the community and reflect the unique characteristics of the area. Shoreline rolled out the red carpet for Sears when it opened in the 1960s, and now it’s time to create the next hub.